Sunday, May 5, 2013


We have a deadline approaching at the end of the month and the hats are starting to arrive.  And although the main motivation for participating in Hats for Sailors is being able to provide hand knit and crocheted hats to sailors, there are also great side benefits for me because they arrive in my mailbox.  I don't have to knit all of the hats to see beautiful patterns.  I also don't have to knit dozens of versions of the same pattern to see how different yarns can produce equally beautiful but different hats.

I have a personal goal of knitting 100 hats from 100 different patterns over the next two years so I have been paying more attention to the patterns that people are using.  I thought I would start sharing some of my observations in case you are also looking for ideas.  These are three patterns that I commonly see.

Turn-A-Square by Jared Flood is a probably the pattern I have seen the most.  It is simple, easy to memorize and looks great.  Look through the finished projects on Ravelry and you will see how much variety there is.  With over 13000 Ravelry projects there are a lot to look at!

Bus Hat by Kylie McDonnell-Wade has great texture.  It is interesting to knit but also easy to memorize.  It stretches and will fit a variety of sizes.

Waffle Hat by Gail Bable is similar to the Bus Hat.  It has great texture, easy to memorize and interesting to knit.  It also expands and contracts well to fit different size heads.

I'll be highlighting more patterns in the future, based on what I see and what I have tried.  Do you have a favorite pattern?


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