Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Packing Up The Hats

Lynne and I began sorting and packing the hats into boxes today.  Our two ships are the USS Decatur and the USS Higgins.

It took us longer than it could have because we spent a significant amount of time stopping to examine the hats and admire your talent and creativity.  Here are some pictures from packing day.

We were stacking them in 10's.  You would be amazed at how easy it to lose count.  We get easily distracted by the knitting.

Not only did many of the hats have personal notes, we also included a general note in every box saying thank you from the Hats for Sailors group.

Each stack is 10 hats and each length had 10 stacks.  It made it much easier to keep track when we knew each column was 100 hats.

Aren't the boxes festive?

Thank you so much!  Every time we go through the hats again we remember how incredibly amazing you all are!!!

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  1. So much fun to see all the hats like this. I am amazed at the variety and the time put into the hats! Very impressive!