Monday, July 8, 2013

Ribbed Caps

You may remember that I am knitting 100 hats from 100 different patterns.  Last week I was traveling and visiting with family.  I knew that if the pattern had any complications I would probably end up doing a lot of knitting and ripping.  I wanted a pattern that was simple enough to remember so I wouldn't have to check the pattern very often.

I had been looking at the pattern Ribbed Cap by Judy Gibson for awhile.  It is a basic Ribbed Hat or watch cap.  As I read the pattern more closely, I saw that there were two variations.  The first is a garter ridged beanie.

It is the first one I knitted and I really enjoyed it.  It is always easy to tell where you are and easy to remember.

The second one is the basic ribbed cap.  It is longer and with a brim and a simple k2p2 rib.

She also gives a great tip about changing colors on a ribbed cap.

These were #27 and #28 of 100.  I am really enjoying trying different patterns.  The only downside is when I find a pattern I really like, I have to set it aside and move on to a new pattern.  There are a number of patterns I have really enjoyed and will certainly come back to later.  This pattern, in both its variations, will definitely be one of those.


  1. I would love to see you post a list somewhere of patterns you would like to knit multiple times. I always feel like that is a way to tell a great pattern, if someone says they would knit it again.

  2. That's a great idea! When I get to 50 hats (my halfway point) I will take a look back.

  3. I have changed my mind. As I am looking through my projects, I have more favorites than I thought. I think Monday's entry might be the beginning.