Monday, July 15, 2013

Patterns I Wish I Could Knit Again, Part I

In last weeks comments, someone asked which patterns I would like to knit again.  I thought I would wait until I reached 50, but as I looked through my hats page I realized that I already have several favorites.

If you look at my hats page, you will see every pattern in the order I finished them.  You can tell I knit according to my mood.  From the bottom up, you move winter to spring and summer.  See how my colors brighten as the seasons change?

I would knit every one of those hats again.  They are all great patterns.  Even in that stiff competition, I have a few favorites.  Over the next few weeks, I will highlight some of those patterns.  And because I am a mood knitter (or is it moody?) I will sort them by my mood.

When my life is hectic or I know I will need to knit in a dynamic environment, I go for something simple.  There are lots of simple hat patterns out there and there aren't big differences.  But here are a few of my favorites.  They are all simple to knit with a great looking and fitting hat.

Elizabeth Zimmerman has guidelines in Knitting Without Tears for knitting hats that I have used many times.  I like the guidelines because it allows a lot of flexibility.

Turn A Square by Jared Flood - This is such a simple, basic beanie.  I have recommended it several times before on this blog.  You can stripe it or not.  You can use variegated yarns or one simple color.  It is always a great hat.

Scraptastic Hat by Jane Tanner - I really like the way she uses up scraps to make great color changes.  I knit so many hats that I have lots of scraps and changing colors keeps me interested.  A great, colorful hat.

Regular Guy Beanie - This is an aran weight hat.  I like using a thicker yarn for a quicker knit!

New Simple Pleasures Hat by Purl Soho - Although the pattern lists lace weight, I used worsted weight.  This pattern was recommended to me by Linda in Texas.  I used her suggestion to cast on 88 stitches and use #6 needles.  I like the large ribbed brim combined with the stockinette simple hat.

Next favorite Watch Caps.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I have added a few more to my favorites now. I'll have to dig out my leftovers and make scraptastic!

  2. I love these posts.

    The crown looks really interesting on that scraptastic hat. I can't wait to try it.

  3. Oh how fun! I can't wait to follow along and try some more new patterns. I taught a friend to knit this weekend (she's starting on dishcloths) and she wants to get "good enough" to knit hats like us. And so we grow. Hugs to you!