Monday, June 3, 2013

November Deadline Monthly Prizes

Liberty Wool is a popular choice among Hats for Sailors knitters and crocheters.  They make a simple pattern beautiful!  Check out the group in Ravelry for some lovely examples.

I have a box full of Liberty Wool kindly donated by a friend who doesn't knit but loves what we do and wanted to help.  So we are going to give away the Liberty Wool as prizes between now and the November deadline but we are going to do it a little bit differently than we have before and we are very excited!

We will give away one prize each month on the 11th with the final prize being November 11, 2013.  The prize will be two skeins of one color.  We will open a new thread on Ravelry for each month.  Every person who posts a picture of a completed hat or hats in that thread will have one chance per hat to win the Liberty Wool.  If you are technically challenged (like many of us are) post in the thread anyway and we will either help you figure it out or come up with some other way to include you without having to post a picture.

Since we don't want to forget all the people who sent hats in for our May deadline, the first prize will be given to someone who sent a hat in for that deadline.  We will announce the winner on June 11th.  All the hats that have been mailed should have arrived by that time.  If you have mailed in hats and you have not received an email from me by June 8th, then send me a message and we will straighten it out.

So get your needles, hooks and cameras ready.

This is only the beginning of our exciting November deadline news!!!  We are currently finalizing some prizes for November.  Every person who donates a hat for a 2013 deadline will have a chance to win.

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