Monday, June 10, 2013

Liberty Yarn

This week starts our Liberty Wool giveaways!  Tomorrow we will be giving away two skeins of one color of Liberty Wool to someone who sent hats in for our May deadline.  These are the two skeins that will be given away tomorrow.

I will be opening a thread on Ravelry where you can post pictures of your finished hats between June 11th and July 10th.  On July 11th, we will be giving away two skeins of a different color of Liberty Wool to one of those members who posted a picture in that thread.   This will continue every month with two skeins being given away on the 11th until the last giveaway on November 11th.

With this in mind I looked through the hats I have received and took a picture of hats in similar colors made with Liberty or other variegated yarns.  They are so great because whether you are using a simple or more difficult pattern, they look beautiful!  More similar pictures to come in future posts.

As always, you can look on our pages on Ravelry and see some beautiful hats by better photographers.  It was one of these postings that inspired many of us to try Liberty wool and it has quickly become a Hats for Sailors favorite.

Our goal is always to have as many hats as possible for our sailors and publicity certainly helps!  I thought I would highlight three blogs by people who donate to Hats for Sailors.  Not only do they knit hats for our cause, but they have linked to us on their blogs and have generated significant traffic!  Thank you to all of them and to all of you!  

They are:
52 Quilts
She Makes Hats
Z Knits and Sews

I happened to have stumbled across these, but if you knits Hats for Sailors and have a blog, add yours to our comments section.

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  1. I am so pleased to be listed on your blog. And even more, it's so great to find two other blogging hat knitters! I'm behind one month on my "hat a month" goal for this year, but hot weather is coming up. When it's hot, I stay in the basement and knit hats!