Monday, October 21, 2013

Do you know Lynne?

November Deadline
First things first, don't forget our deadline is fast approaching.  Hats need to be mailed to me, Sandra, on or before November 11th.  If you do not have my address, please email us at

Do you know Lynne?
There are so many amazing and wonderful aspects of being involved with Hats for Sailors.  One of the best is getting to know so many of you.  We all have many facets to our lives, including Lynne.  Most of you know her as Shanti's mommy.  If you haven't read it before, Signature Needle Arts profiled her on their blog awhile ago but it is worth mentioning again for any of you that don't know her.  Here is the link.

It is good to look back at how we started and the two amazing women who had this idea and made it happen.

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  1. Actually there are THREE amazing women involved in and running this effort. Lynne, Shanti and SANDRA!