Monday, October 3, 2011


It is amazing what one email from Lynne (Shanti's Mom) can do!  We have been mentioned in several blogs (thank you to all of them) including Wendy Knits and Signature Needle Arts .  All the publicity and the word of mouth has dramatically increased the interest in Hats for Sailors.  As of this moment we have 434 members in our Ravelry group and I have been very busy happily answering email requests.  This is so fantastic that now I feel fairly confident (fingers crossed) that we'll meet our goal and be able to supply at least one ship with hats this year.

I know everyone knits hats in support of our sailors, but it is also wonderful when Signature Needle Arts offers something special for one who does.  Signature Needle Arts is offering a $50 gift certificate to the winner of a random drawing of anyone who sends a hat to our project!  This will apply to every hat sent in since we last supplied Shanti's ship.  Each hat offers one chance to win the gift certificate.   Their needles are amazing and it will be a wonderful treat for one of our knitters.

I also thought I'd post answers to the FAQ's for those of you who are new or if you have been around awhile but want a refresher course.

Are crocheted hats ok?
YES!  YES!  Absolutely YES!

Is there a particular pattern or color the hats are required to be?
No, you are free to knit any pattern or any color that you like.  Your creativity is welcome and appreciated.

Is there a particular yarn I should use?
Yes,  we ask for 100% washable wool.

It is important that the hat not be flammable or melt in a fire.  Wool is not flammable.  Sometimes people use a different natural fiber but we always ask that you do a burn test first to make sure that particular yarn is not flammable.  If you would like us to do the burn test, just send us a sample and we will be happy to do it.

The reason we ask for washable is that we are fairly certain the hat will end up in the wash at some point and we wouldn't want your hat to be ruined and the sailor to be disappointed.

Is there a deadline?
Our current deadline is November 7th, 2011.  We are an ongoing program and if you can't make it this time, stay tuned because there will be another opportunity.

What do I do with my hat when it is finished?
Email me at  and I will answer back with my address.  If you already have Sandra's address in California, that is the right place to send it.  Feel free to pass it along to your friends.  I just prefer that my address not be posted on the internet.  (Another email has been posted on some blogs for me and that will work as well).

Anything else I should know before I mail my hat?
Feel free to include a note to the sailor who receives your hat.  I enjoy letting people know when their hat(s) arrive safely so if you include your email or Ravelry name I will send you a message when it does.

Any final words?
We know how much time, effort and money goes into a hand knit or crocheted hat and we appreciate SO much what you are doing.  We can not possibly say thank you enough.

Any comments, questions or ideas, please let us know at

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