Thursday, December 5, 2013

#50 On The Needles

#50 of 100 is on the needles (barely).  My goal is to complete the 100 different hats from 100 different patterns in two years.  That means that I need to finish the 50th by the end of this month to stay on track.  It is on the needles but my hat knitting has come to a grinding halt as I frantically try to finish my Christmas knitting in time.  It is a plain, simple pattern with a cascade 220 superwash brim and a liberty wool body to the hat.  That should be fast?

But, I have a chronic problem when it comes to knitting.  I always think that I can knit much faster than I actually can and that I have a lot more time in my life to devote to knitting than I do.  It happens every single time and yet I never learn!  You would think that I would at least have a second of hesitation, but I don't.  I am so deep in denial this Christmas, that I won't even take stock of what is left to knit because the answer scares me.  So, we'll see if #50 actually gets finished in time because it is at the bottom of the priority list and that list is long…too long.

My holidays have been turned upside down by family changing plans.  It is all for the better and will be a lot of fun.  Everything is crammed into a smaller time line, with more people and more locations.    It makes panic bubble up inside me periodically.  I keep trying to remind myself that the very best thing I can do is spend time with people I love and all of the rest really doesn't matter.  If I keep that attitude (and I hope I do), I'm afraid #50 may have to wait until 2014.