Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Circle of Turn A Square

I feel so lucky that I get to see so many beautiful hats and I greatly appreciate the time, expense and effort that goes in to each one of them.  I thought some of you would also like to see these hats.  This is the first in a series to display your creativity.

Without a doubt, Turn A Square by Jared Flood is the most popular pattern.  It is fun to see it in so many different yarns and colors.  Here is a sampling of the beauty I have found in my mailbox.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August Prizes and Finished?

August Prizes

We think we may have a couple of more prizes in September and if we do, we will extend the campaign until September 30th, so check back next month.  We have two prizes in the month of August.

The first prize is a set of Pattern Tamers.

These are great magnetic row markers to use to keep track of where you are on your knitting charts or patterns.  There are 3 different lengths.  

The second prize are these stitch markers and carrying case from Hiya.  There are cute markers with a pretty case to keep them in.


These are the two hats I knitted that I think qualify for finished in the month of July.  The striped one on the left is the second one I knit and it is off the needles, ends woven and washed.  It's still wet, but that is a mere technicality as far as I'm concerned.  It is my own pattern and I used Mission Falls 1824.  The hat to the right is turn-a-square pattern from Jared Flood.  It is a favorite in this group.  It is easy to remember, goes quickly and looks great!  I used Rhythm yarn by Jojoland. 

I have received so many beautiful hats, I think I will start publishing some pictures this month so you can share in my admiration for others creativity and talent!