Thursday, December 16, 2010

We're On Our Way!

Congratulations to Shanti and you can read Shanti's blog to hear about her Change of Command ceremony.  She also mentions that our packages are arriving and will be distributed next week.  How exciting that our first hats are arriving at their destination!

Just as that stage is ending, the next is beginning with the arrival of the first beautiful hat for the next ship!  I have started a Hat Tally on the left side of this page to keep everybody up to date.

What an overwhelming response we have had to the Ravelry group.  I always knew that knitters and crocheters are wonderful people, but this response has been amazing!  How creative, generous and enthusiastic you all are.  Thank you so much and I am really looking forward to seeing all the great hats that are now in progress!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How We Started

It all started with Shanti who writes the blog Adventures in Paradise  and had the idea to provide a hand-knitted hat to every sailor serving on the ship she would be commanding.  Lynne, her mom, made that idea a reality with the help of knitters from all over the world.  The response was overwhelming!  They collected over 550 incredible hats and provided one to everyone serving on two ships!
We continue to knit hats for sailors in the US Navy one ship at a time.  It is always cold on the ship and they can wear the hats when they are off duty.  The color and design of the hat are the choice of the knitter, but ALL HATS MUST BE 100% WASHABLE WOOL. Remember that both men and women serve on the ships.  If you have questions about the project or want to know where to send the hats, email us at and join our Ravelry group “Hats for Sailors”.