Sunday, July 31, 2011

July Winners & Finishing

Our two winners for July are Linda in Texas who won the knitting light and Melanie in Arizona who won the bag and puppy snips.  Congratulations to both of them!!!  We will have the August prizes on the blog in the next few days so keep tuned in.

If you read the  blog last month, you know that my goal was to finish two hats this month.  It took me three weeks to finish the first hat.  I knew I had to pick up my game to reach my goal by today, July 31st.  I was focused, I was making progress, everything seemed to be going my way...and then I hit a number of minor roadblocks.  I couldn't find my double pointed needles when decreasing for the crown.  I ran out of the yarn I was using and had to make a design change.  Then I couldn't find the yarn I wanted to use to replace it.  Then my kitchen sink stopped up.  Yikes!

Now my question is, when is a hat finished?  Is it finished when it is off the needles?  When the tails are woven in?  When it is washed, but still drying?  Or my fear is that it is only finished when it is off the needles, tails woven, clean AND dry.

None of that will matter if I don't at least get it off the needles by midnight.  Let's hope my luck has improved.